2023 home trends

Forbes released what they think will be the home renovation trends for this year. Let’s discuss! If you want to read the original article, you can find it here. Kitchen Trends Forbes predicts that we are going to see people renovating their kitchens to reflect more of the homeowner’s personality. What they think is happening…

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You may not be planning on selling your home anytime soon, but before you jump into expensive renovations, you may want to know if they will help or hurt your resale value. We see it all the time in our own renovations and sometimes homeowners are in their dream home and don’t want to think…

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Calling all party hosts! Let us inspire you to add a bar to your next home renovation project. When you are working on your next home project or remodel, you may not consider adding a bar but so many people are loving the addition of a bar in their homes! It’s a great place to…

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Color Me Home: How Paint Colors Can Change Your Mood

Have you ever heard the term seeing red when someone is really angry? Many people correlate certain colors to certain moods: such as blue being peaceful and calm, opposite of red’s passionate and vibrant tones. Instead of picking a color at random for your room, consider what you will be using the room for. As…

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Is Hardwood Flooring or Laminate Right for Me?

laminate hardwood flooring, custom home builders scottsdale

While many Phoenix home builders often use tile or carpet, sometimes a wooden floor can provide a more modern, natural look. Though hardwood floors usually sound more attractive than laminate, some of the cons can outweigh the positives. First off, if you’re considering hardwood floor or laminate in your home, price is probably the first…

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