Color Me Home: How Paint Colors Can Change Your Mood

how color changes moodHave you ever heard the term seeing red when someone is really angry? Many people correlate certain colors to certain moods: such as blue being peaceful and calm, opposite of red’s passionate and vibrant tones. Instead of picking a color at random for your room, consider what you will be using the room for.

As mentioned, red is a bold addition to any home, and can be a dramatic splash of color into any room. Whether as an accent or full-bodied color, there is no way your room will look ordinary with any shade of red. Great rooms for red include: kitchens and dining rooms.

Orange is another high-energy color that makes a statement, while you don’t have to have pumpkin colored walls, a variation of orange can be less overwhelming. Redish tones like orange are associated with eating, making this a great dining room and kitchen color.

Yellow is a great uplifting color that can make spaces feel bigger, instead of smaller. While finding the right shade can be a challenge, subtle yellows can be used just about anywhere! If your living room needs a little cheering up, consider a warm tone of yellow.

Green is a great neutral color that is very versatile in most spaces. Whether you choose an earthy olive color or a lime green, green has the power to soothe and refresh bathrooms to offices. Mixing whites or greys with a pale shade of green creates a contemporary look.

Blue is often the color of choice in bedrooms around the country because of its calming effects. If used in darker, bolder shades though, this cool color often creates an abundance of warmth and energy. Lighter shades can open up a room and unleash creativity, according to color psychologists.

Brown is another great color that exudes relaxation and natural warmth. Great for living rooms, brown is an inviting addition next to any comfy couch. Cream is a great complementary color to deep, chocolaty browns to offset the dark hues. It can be easily made to look modern and elegant in any home!