You Don't Need a Large Bathroom for a Great Bathroom Remodel in Scottsdale

You may be looking at your bathroom and wondering to yourself what could possibly be done to help your teeny tiny bathroom.  You might be thinking that to make your bathroom magnificent, you need more space.  But the truth is more space isn’t always needed to do a complete bathroom remodel that looks more open and larger than before.

Here are some ways a remodel can help your teeny tiny bathroom:

  • If you’re not the bath tub type, but your tub is taking up a huge amount of space- consider installing a stand up shower.
  • On the flip side of that, if you love taking a nice bath, but your tub is too shallow and doesn’t fit nicely in your bathroom space, you might consider a soaking tub that is deeper and frees up floor space.
  • Sometimes the biggest problem in your bathroom is simply the layout.  Your toilet might be placed too closely to the door, or maybe that tub is too close to the toilet.  A remodel can change the layout of your bathroom completely, moving the fixtures around to a more inviting layout.
  • Not enough cabinetry.  Part of what makes a bathroom feel so small is simply that there isn’t enough cabinetry to allow for sufficient storage.  This causes you to put in extra shelves, etc to store towels and toiletry items.  By having more cabinets and utilizing all of your wall space, you can open up the bathroom quickly and efficiently.
  • Using clear glass for shower doors can also help open the space, as well as the colors your use for backsplash and flooring.
  • Lighting is crucial to opening up your space.  The right lighting can highlight the airy and clean spaces of your new bathroom and direct the eye.

No matter what your small space problem is, we’ve got a solution and have likely encountered it before.  So let us show you what we can do for you, please contact us today for a personalized solution to your teeny tiny bathroom.