What is the Best Time to Remodel Your Bathroom?

In addition to being a great investment, you can design a modern bathroom with your exact needs in mind, creating an alcove of peace and relaxation within your home.   There are many reasons to remodel your bathroom now, including:

  1.  Cost Savings:  Remodeling your bathroom now allows you to leverage the power of your dollar today.  Interest rates are lower than they ever have been.
  2. Higher “daily dividend”:  Even if you plan on staying in your house for the long-term, you will get more enjoyment spread out over the course of time than you would if you wait until later.
  3. Save money by installing energy-efficient lighting, toilets and showers.

Many homeowners make the mistake of waiting until they absolutely have to remodel their bathroom, but they may not realize that bathroom remodels are the least intrusive and offer the best return-on-investment for their home.  Remodeling a half-bath can add as much as 10% value to the price of your home, and a full bath can add as much as 20%, but why wait until you are planning to sell your house to modernize your bathroom, when you can enjoy it now?

Now that you understand the benefits of remodeling your bathroom now, instead of later, you should start planning immediately in order to take advantage of the spring and summer weather.  It is the best time of year to have any remodeling done on your house, including your bathroom.

Before long, you’ll be relaxing in your newly remodeled custom bathroom.