When you do something enough throughout the year, you notice a trend. We do A LOT of kitchens. Whether we are remodeling one or custom building one, we love being a part of the current kitchen trends. Our interior designer, Brenda, is always at the forefront of these trends, but we can tell our clients are too! Let’s look at the current kitchen trends we have been seeing in our projects.

Sustainable Kitchens

We are seeing more sustainable changes in our kitchen projects. Whether it is the type of lighting chosen or opting for recycled materials for items like cabinets. This trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere either. All the new appliances we use are updated with all the green energy updates. We have also noticed these sustainable changes in flooring and countertops using materials like concrete, reclaimed wood, bamboo, and butcher’s block.

This bespoke kitchen by Sustainable Kitchens was made using local FSC-certified timber, E1 birch plywood, and water-based paints and varnishes. Originally published in Grand Designs Magazine. You can see it here.

Chef’s Kitchen Upgrades

We don’t know why but everyone seems to be an at home chef these days! Our best guess is a lot of people may have dabbled in cooking more during the pandemic. From making homemade bread to full chef style meals, our clients are prioritizing the cooking in the kitchen more than ever. That’s why we are seeing more pot fillers above the stove being requested. We have also been doing a lot of creative styles with the kitchen island, which for many households is used for kitchen prep work and gathering. Now more than ever, the larger farmhouse sinks are almost always requested in an update.

Delta Faucet Pot Filler found here on Delta’s website.

The last thing we have seen are larger, more functional pantries. When you are an at home chef, you probably have a lot of new appliances (the bread maker, the air fryer, the Instant Pot, etc.) so you need an easy place to store them. Have you seeing pantries with sinks in them yet? That’s a new one but it makes sense for those who upgrade their pantries to be more prep spaces as well as storage spaces.

Pantry image is from DecorPad and can be found here.

Eat-In Entertainment Kitchens

We hesitate to call this a “new trend” because this is a timeless one. It’s been done in different variation throughout the years, but it has always been something people desire. Right now, we see more kitchen islands doubling as the “eat-in” space. We have been extending them for dining as well as for functional cooking space. It’s a great way for families, who are all busy, gather why the food is being made.

Whatever trend you gravitate more towards, even if you are someone who through the trends out of the window and does what you like regardless, give us a call!