Trending Now: Home Automation


Living in a “connected home” may sound strange, however, the benefits of home automation are making even the most weary homeowners reconsider.

So, what exactly is home automation or the “Internet of Things”? The simplest way to put it is that it’s connecting everything in your home to a network in order to make life more seamless. You may have even already started automating your home with a smart TV or thermostat.

Here are several reasons why we think home automation will improve your daily life and be worth the investment.

Home security surveillance has gone mobile with cameras accessible 24/7. You’re able to check on your home and have peace of mind, whether you’re on vacation or at work.

Having control of your home’s lights means you can have them come on before you ever get home.

Running a household is a full-time job. Home automation can help take some of the burden off and make you feel more organized.

For example, a connected refrigerator can let you know you’re out of milk before it’s too late. These devices are user-friendly and surprisingly easy to use for all ages.

Money Saving
Another benefit of connected appliances is that they are energy and money saving. Smart thermostats know when you’re not home and will adjust the temperature in your home automatically.

These emerging technologies will one day be the norm, however, you can get on the home automation bandwagon now. Whether you’re looking to build a custom home through Arlington Custom Builders or just want to upgrade your home, we can help make your home smart and attractive!