You have probably already attended a holiday party or are preparing to host one. Either way, we want to give you some holiday hosting tips for hosting people and helping them feel at home in your home!

Create a Flow

When you host a party you want to make sure your guests know where to find everything. You want to make sure they know what to do when they arrive. Let’s start at the front door and create a space for them to put down their bags, take off their jackets or their shoes. If you don’t want those items at the front door, create a little chalkboard sign with a warm message. This can be a good time to let them know where to safely store their items in a whimsical way. You could say something like “Lay your coats and bags in the second room to your right and head straight on to cocktails!”. This send them to the next area where everyone is likely already mingling.

Part of this flow is creating one area for drinks and a separate for the main foods. Feel free to add snack items and desserts where the drinks are located if you are limited in counter/table space. Want to spread out the gathering to the outdoors? Set up similar stations there so guests can decide where they are most comfortable.

Comfort and Warmth

Some of our parties can go well into the evening! With the Arizona winters we go from warm afternoons to cold evenings very quickly and our guests should still feel comfortable while mingling. We suggest setting out a few blankets in a basket outside and one inside. This will help your guests feel welcomed to take it if they need it! Also, we suggest switching up activities to warm ones. Try hot cider or a hot chocolate bar! Do you have a fire pit? Make a s’mores station! If you don’t have a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, feel free to call us. We would love to help prepare you for this time next year!

We also love homes that break out the floor pillows or pouf ottomans! This is great for game nights or a cozy station in your home for people to sit on the floor without discomfort.

Create a Custom Station

This adds so much fun to a party! You can add a custom hot chocolate station where you have all the extras people can add to their drinks. Have some candy canes on the side, marshmallows, Stroop waffles, whipped cream, and sprinkles, the sky is the limit! You can also create a cookie decorating station. People love something to sit down and do, especially for more introverted people. Sweets aren’t your thing? Try a mashed potato station! You can have butter, chives, sour cream, bacon, cheese, and chili on the side! People will be talking about whichever custom station you go with and look forward to it again the following year.