The Most Important Thing About Remodeling Your Home (licensed general contractor vs. handyman)

The decision to remodel your home is a very major decision, even if you aren’t planning on making big changes to your home’s design.  Even small projects can turn into big problems, if they aren’t handled correctly.  If you are thinking about remodeling your house, you might be struggling with the decision of whether to hire a general contractor or just a local handyman.

While a local handyman can initially appear to be the best choice, the homeowner needs to be very careful.  The handyman should be licensed, insured, bonded, and should be willing to supply references.  How will the handyman handle any difficulties that he encounters while completing the work?  When will the project be completed?

The best way to avoid all of the uncertainties that come along with choosing a handyman is to instead find an experienced, licensed general contractor.  You might be wary of choosing a general contractor; maybe you are concerned that your project is too small for a construction company to handle.  The truth is that general contractors are experienced in all types of projects, big and small.  No matter the size of your project, you will be in better hands with a general contractor.

Many people think that hiring an experienced, licensed general contractor is too expensive.  What most homeowners don’t realize is that a general contractor can often help them complete their home remodeling projects more quickly, with a higher quality standard, and at a better price.  General contractors have established relationships with high-quality vendors and experienced tradesman.  If you hire a general contractor to manage your project, you can trust that the work will be completed by the agreed upon construction schedule.