Scottsdale Home Labeled as Ebola Quarantine Zone by Vandals

scottsdale custom home buildersIf you haven’t been paying attention to recent news, the Ebola scare in America has become a real threat. Cities across the country including Boston, Cleveland, and Dallas have all been experiencing possible Ebola outbreaks as multiple US residents have died from the virus.

As Americans have become more and more worried over the past few weeks, Scottsdale residents have become even more so as the Rio Montana community woke up to a startling message on the wall of a neighboring home.

The message, “Ebola Quarantine Zone,” was the first thing a few residents saw as they woke up Tuesday morning, immediately contacting others in the community. The Scottsdale Police Department was also contacted and, according to an article on AZ Central, they are working on finding the suspects at this very moment. For more, watch the video below:

Many residents in the community believe that because the majority of Scottsdale schools are now on Fall Break, the vandals were most likely teenagers from a nearby high school.

As many Scottsdale custom home builders will tell you, acts like these are no laughing matters. People spend thousands upon millions of dollars on bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, or complete home restoration, and when vandals treat their work in such a way, it’s offensive, rude, and disheartening.

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