Scottsdale Bathroom Remodeling Creates Your Oasis

A bathroom should be so much more than a sink and a shower stall.  In fact, a proper bathroom can serve as a retreat for the homeowner.  After a long day of work or an invigorating day of play, nothing is more relaxing than sequestering yourself away into the peace and tranquility of a spa-like bathroom.  If your bathroom brings more stress into your life than relief, it is time for a Scottsdale bathroom remodel.

In order to make your oasis all you want it to be, you should be thoughtful about your design choices.  You can share your project ideas with your architect and contractor who will be able to ascertain whether your vision is a good match for your budget and space configuration.

There are many ways to turn your dingy, drab bathroom into the blissful retreat you deserve and desire.  Like a fireplace in a great room, the bathtub can serve as a focal point.  Perhaps surround it with towering windows, a romantic chandelier, or classic cabinetry. Jetted or garden, claw foot or enclosed, the functionality of today’s bath tubs are as varied as you can imagine.  You will spend a lot of time soaking away the stress, so think about what you want your tub to be able to do for you.

Like bath tubs, a well-designed shower stall will make a bold, defining statement for the entire room.  Deep, open showers or clear glass enclosures give the entire room a spacious, airy feel.  Creative mosaic tiles can present a uniquely cultural feel, whereas stone lends a natural ambiance and ceramic tile can create a modern, clean look.  The tiles of the shower indeed help define the personality of the room.  Again, carefully reflect on what you expect to gain from the showering experience.  Do you want the ability for steam?  Multiple heads?  Massage or rain?

While considering the functionality of your bath, don’t forget the aesthetic choices that play as much a role in creating a favorite experience.  Choose cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, and flooring options that will complement the style of those unmovable objects (tub, shower, etc.).  Make certain that each aspect plays off of the others while making a positive statement of its own.

There is obviously so much to consider in a bathroom remodel, and these are only the aesthetic features.  The feat, however, will be much easier if you have the proper expertise to assist you in every step of your journey.  Please contact us today to customize your dream bathroom.