Style Me Matte

How Adding Matte Black Touches Adds the Perfect Amount of Modern Style to Your Home.

What is this matte black home trend anyway? Whether or not you realize it, you’re likely seeing more matte black styles in magazines, home renovation shows and your local home improvement stores. It’s a style we can get behind and think that it adds a beautiful touch of modern design to your home without going overboard. It’s also great because it is a timeless and clean look – and who doesn’t want that for their home!?

Let’s take a look at how you can add this modern style to your home.


Let’s start with this new trendy look – matte black stainless steel refrigerators. This is such a great, sleek trend that you are going to love in your kitchen. It’s one of our favorite designs because it’s stylish and functional. Say goodbye to constant fingerprints and streaky marks like your standard stainless steel refrigerator, matte black refrigerators are fingerprint resistant!

Image Credit: Home Depot


This one is an easy change! You can swap out your current kitchen or bathroom faucets with a matte black faucet. Need more of an added touch? Swap out your standard cabinet door handles with matte black as well! For bathrooms, consider a new mirror with a matte black frame. These updates will give your kitchen or bathroom a brand new look with a beautiful, modern contrast.

Image Credit: Symmons

Window & Door Frames

We LOVE this one! Whether you want a new window or door frame, or just want to paint the ones you have, giving them a matte black touch will make the space feel brand new! This is especially true if your home is painted white, gray or another neutral light color with lighter colored flooring. The matte black makes those light colors pop and give them cleaner lines.

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Don’t sit on this gorgeous trend! It’s a timeless look sure to make any home look more modern. If you aren’t sure where to start, call Alan for a free consultation.