How Real is House Hunters?

House Hunters

Reality television has become one of America’s most guilty pleasures. One of the most addicting varieties arrives in the form of HGTV’s House Hunters. Avid viewers already know the premise: would-be homebuyers are carted around by a realtorin hot pursuit of their forever home and make their fateful decision in the span of a week – but how much of this is actually reality?

Longtime fans of House Hunters may want to stop reading here. A rather inconvenient truth regarding HGTV’s network of programming has been laid bare. A former featured guest of House Hunters claims the show is built on a foundation of lies.

The woman who has broken thousands of House Hunters hearts in America, named Bobi, claims HGTV did not approach her to participate in filming the series until she and her family already closed on the home they later purchased. Say it ain’t so!

It gets worse. The former House Hunters star claims producers had to scramble to find houses to tour, some of which weren’t even on the market – they belonged to close friends.

While Bobi went on to say these tours were not part of the normal House Hunters operating procedure, she believes it happened in part because realtors from the area refused to have their houses filmed. Bobi believes some realtors feared it would shed a bad light on their properties.

What do the suits behind HGTV have to say about the matter? In response to Bobi’s tell all, the network issued the following statement …

“We’ve learned that the pursuit of the perfect home involves big decisions that usually take place over a period of time – more time than we can capture in 30 minutes of television. However, with a series like “House Hunters,” HGTV viewers enjoy the vicarious and entertaining experience of choosing a home – from establishing a budget, to touring properties and weighing the pros and cons of each one.”

There’s always Real Housewives, folks.