Make A Statement In Your Home

Half bathrooms, or “powder rooms”, are often overlooked when it’s time to remodel the home. This is a big mistake! Think about it, when your guests are over for dinner, they end up using the half bathroom. You spend so much time and money making the more visible open areas of your home “guest ready”, but not the one place that all your guests spend time in. Don’t forget about the personality and style you can add to this small space! And since it’s small, it’s not a big, expensive remodel like other areas of your home. This means you can affordably add the higher end touches to the space. Here are a few half bathroom remodel tips that will add your style to this small room and leave your guests impressed!

Floating Vanities

You are probably seeing more and more of these in modern bathrooms. We truly love this look! It’s clean and holds a style all it’s own. In fact, we included it in one of our most recent master bathroom remodels, and what a difference it made! With a small space, like a half bathroom, this will stand out more than you know. It will draw attention to the detail in your bathroom and leave your guests talking.


Luxury Above Your Head

Don’t overlook what’s above your head when you are doing a remodel! When you want luxurious touches in a small bathroom, your ceiling is where you can begin. Crown molding sets the tone for the whole room. It also makes the ceiling feel taller, making the space feel more open. This is an important thing to think about when you don’t have a lot of space to work with.

Walls & Floors Add More

When working on a remodel in a small half bath, you can spend money on the more expensive details since you won’t need much of them. A half bath means everything is closer together, so make the space count! Feel free to be more daring with the wall color, or maybe a printed, luxurious wallpaper. One of our favorite things to do in a half bath remodel is a stone accent wall. As you see in the image below it makes the whole room feel completely different. Don’t forget about those floors! Go with a high end tile like travertine or marble. Not your taste? Consider a warm tone of wood grain tile. The options are truly endless!


There are so many great ways to make a big splash in a small half bathroom! Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry, the experts at Arlington Custom builders have truly seen it all and will give you the guidance you need for this small remodel.