Bathroom Renovation Inspiration

Dream about having a guest house to welcome family and friends? What a great way to have visitors and still maintain your own space and privacy. Whether you have a guest bedroom, guest house or just dreaming...we have highlighted below our top recommendations that make your guest house a luxurious getaway!



Guest House

Allowing your guests to have a separate entry away from the main house gives guests a real sense of privacy. Not to mention, it allows you to keep your familiar routine without having to worry about disrupting your guests!



Guest House Kitchen

A guest kitchen does not need to be big to leave a lasting impression for guests. Having a fridge, sink and some counter space with storage allows guests to bring their own food if needed. This is a great luxury if your guests are staying for just the weekend or longer!


Guest House Great Room

If spaces allows, having some extra space for a couch, chairs and living space is a lovely addition to the standard just bedroom for sleeping. This takes the guest house to the next level!

Whether your guest space is attached or detached, think of us, Arlington Custom Builders, when you are ready to renovate the space. We can help you come up with a layout that takes the most advantage of the space!