Looking to make an improvement to your home this summer but not sure where to begin? Summer is the perfect time to dive into home projects we put off all year. Here are a few of our recommended easy summer remodels you can get started on today!

Let the sun shine in!

Skylights are the easiest way to let natural light in your room in a way that windows can’t. Letting the sun shine through the ceiling brightens up the room and makes each room feel more warm and natural. This is a remodel that can be done to multiple rooms like your kitchen, bathrooms and master. Or you can pick one and get started there. Working with a contractor like Alan, will make projects like this quick and painless!


Built-in BBQ

Jealous of all of your Facebook friend’s beautiful backyard party photos? How do their outdoor living spaces look like they are living the lifestyle of your favorite Hollywood celebrities? It’s because outdoor living space upgrades are more attainable than you think. Start with one element and build on that. We recommend starting with the built-in grilling area. Complete with the island, grill, stonework, refrigerator and wet bar. You will be so happy you upgraded your yard and before you know it you will be inviting over the whole neighborhood!


French Doors

This one is a quick and easy upgrade, with the longest lasting value. Imagine those double doors, custom designed, leading you and your guests out to your backyard! Or maybe you just have them opened up while you are cooking your summer meals to feel the breeze. Either way, this upgrade is a must. Talk to your contractor to see what style would work best in your home.

Summertime is here! Don’t wait on these remodel ideas. You will be so happy you made these upgrades this summer and each summer to come. Still not sure where to begin? Call Alan and he will give you a consultation to guide you in the right direction for your home!