Declutter With The Ultimate Space Savers…Closets!

How often have you told yourself, ‘I will deep clean and declutter my home next weekend.’? Organizing our home seems to always get put on the back burner because we can never find enough space to store things away in. This ends now! Adding storage space and efficient closet systems to your home could be the solution you have been looking for. Take a look at a few of our ideas for closet remodels.



This closet gets rid of the stress searching through piles of clothes in the morning. It even eliminates the need for bulky furniture, like dressers, in your master. Built-ins with drawers can house all of your folded clothes, organize your jewelry and even file away important family documents. Everything will be neatly in it’s own place, in plain site with a closet design like this. A closet remodel with handy dressers built-in will create more open space in your room for comfy chairs, a reading nook or entertainment area.




Have you ever considered spending some quiet time in your closet to find solace? Probably not. But now you can! A closet like this with the high-end carpeting, a window allowing for natural light, a luxurious chandelier, plenty of storage and a bench by the window serves dual purposes. You have plenty of space to store what you need to in an organized fashion but you can also enjoy your coffee in the morning sitting on the bench by the window. How relaxing! Rethinking your closet and getting a little more creative with it can make all the difference in your home.




You may not have the space for these larger walk-in type closets but that doesn’t mean a closet makeover isn’t for you! We can work with your smaller space, for a more modern, functional solution. This closet has a very clean, sliding door that allows you to use more space in your closet. Adding racks, rods and shelving creates a space for your bedroom storage. The key here is building a sliding door that adds to the decor of the room. This closet is going with a more clean, modern door design. But creating another look with a sliding barn door can add a more rustic feel to the room. The options are endless!



So stop putting off figuring out what storage solution could work in your home. Call Alan at Arlington, and get his thoughts on how to best incorporate your personality in the look and feel of your home, into a functional remodeled closet space today!