The Future of Custom Home Building

The year 2014 has been an incredible year for technological breakthroughs. From Apple releasing the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, to medical breakthroughs like targeted cancer therapy, it’s no doubt that this year has been one of the best yet for science and technology.

But what does the future hold for home builders and owners? How will the next 10 years, 20 years, or even 50 years play out in the world of custom home building? We take a look at some of the remarkable concepts home building looks to accomplish in the (possibly near!) future.

The Cocoon House

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As South Korea continues to keep up in the world of sustainable living, this cocoon-inspired home will be part of an entirely eco-friendly neighborhood which will include a shopping mall, casino, hospital, and shopping center. Click here for more pictures!

Tornado-Proof Home

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This prototype, designed by Ted Givens of Hong Kong’s 10Design, features levers that initializes a hydraulic system which lowers the home into the ground, protecting it from high-velocity winds and potential water damage. For now, this home is just a concept, but something that could be an incredible breakthrough in the future.

Floating Future Eco-Home

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The next home on our list is one of the most incredible future concepts yet. Not only is this a floating private island of sorts, it’s also a completely self-sustaining home! Harnessing the power of wind, waves, and the sun, these floating future eco-homes will even be able to produce their own fruits and vegetables. Now this is an idea we just can’t wait to see come to life!

What are some future home ideas you would like to see in development? Where do you think the future of custom home building will take us? Leave a comment below, or let us know on our Facebook page!