Color Ideas for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Baker shower afterIt is commonplace these days to include your bathroom in the design of your home, but bathrooms were not always a designed and decorated part of the house. Because of their purpose, they were simply seen as a place to bathe, apply makeup or shave, and to handle personal business. No longer are bathrooms treated as the stepchild, today they have design elements from lit toilets to custom-shaped bathtubs. When you are ready to remodel your bathroom, keep in mind the functionality needed and the people who will use it. Remodeling a guest bathroom, a half bathroom or a master bath, all require different planning. Redesign with the user in mind, whether aging parents, or growing toddlers, your bathroom remodel should offer a peaceful and private escape.

Your bathroom is one of the first places you head in the morning and the last place you visit before bed. Choose colors that are warm or neutral to gently welcome you in the morning and aid you in relaxing before bed. If a couple shares a master bathroom, would it serve you greater to have separate sinks? Lights that dim, if you wake at different times? When remodeling a guest bathroom located within the guestroom, your design and décor will most likely mimic that of the existing guestroom look. Bathrooms are a place where the necessities occur but they are also a place of preparation for the day and a nice space to function in can set you on the right path for a great day.