Best of Remodeling Time Lapses

Remodeling a space in your home can seem like a lengthy endeavor. Once the remodel is complete, it can be easy to forget what that space used to look like! That is why we like to capture some of our most unique remodels on camera. Check out the best of our remodel time lapses to get a glimpse in the day of a life at Arlington Custom Builders.

Time Lapse of Peoria Home Build Out

Ever curious what it looks like from start to finish to build a custom home? From laying the foundation to updating the landscaping check out this custom build we did for a client in Peoria, Arizona.


Residential Elevator

It’s not everyday we get to build an elevator in a client’s home! When given the chance we documented our steps so you can see the build from start to finish. Check out this luxury addition!


North Scottsdale Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house. We love the before and after of this recent time lapse. Watch to get inspired on your own kitchen remodel.