The Art of the Master Bedroom Remodel

Oh, the master bedroom! It’s arguably the best place in your house. The space you go to for quiet, relaxation and overall comfort. It shouldn’t be overlooked! You rest your head here, organize your clothes, watch TV, read a book and unwind at the end of the day. Let this room reflect all of those things and your personality. Let’s talk about a few master bedroom remodel ideas to make your space truly reflect your lifestyle.

The Sitting Area

If your master has the space, or is being remodeled to allow the space, consider adding a quiet sitting area. This area can be used to read or watch TV, but it should be separate from where you sleep. We love the look of luxury sitting and even window benches! It’s truly up to your taste and style! Allowing a space in your master bedroom for this will create a nice flow and truly open up your favorite room in the house.


Organized Space is a Comforting Place

Master bedroom closets, is there anything better? Consider adding a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ closets. This not only keeps your space organized but keeps the relationship a happier one! Looking to only include one closet in your master remodel? We’ve got the perfect solution! The master dressing room. This is a space where you can organize all of your belongings and have an area to get ready in peace every morning. For families with young children, this is a luxury not to be overlooked!


The Luxury Bathroom

Your master bathroom should be a place you get to escape to! Think about what the ultimate luxury would be for you. Is it the double-headed rain shower? Maybe the deep, jacuzzi tub? Are you more of a heated tile kind of person? All of these luxury items can be yours in your next master bath remodel. Talk to your contractor and get their advice on which is one you can afford and will likely enjoy the most.

Remember, master bedroom remodels are an investment in your home and your everyday life. You spend more time in these rooms then you realize, so the area surrounding you should be one you cherish. Work with a contractor you trust, like Alan with Arlington Custom Builders. He will listen to what you are looking for and make it a reality!