2020 New Year Resolutions for Your Home


In a blink of an eye we will be ringing in the year 2020! We may not be close to flying cars but there are some changes that come from the future you can implement into your home in the New Year. We highlighted three popular resolutions and ways you can help make these come true by making updates into your home.

1. Resolution: Leave A Green Footprint
Home Solution: Lower the use of your energy

If your personal resolution is to leave more of a green footprint, a simple change is updating all of your lighting to LED lights. Not only does LED lights lower the cost of energy, the lights last years longer than traditional lighting. Another way to lower the use of energy in your home is replacing your appliances.

2. Resolution: Make Healthy Eating Habits
Home Solution: A more productive kitchen

If you have a personal resolution to be more health conscious, having a kitchen you enjoy being in greatly helps! Whether you are meal prepping or wanting to spend more time with your family you need a kitchen that works for your need. Removing cabinetry, putting in a walk in closet or adding a kitchen island are a few ideas.

3. Resolution: Be More Organized
Home Solution: Creating an open concept

Lastly, if de-cluttering is one of your resolutions we can help creating an open layout in either your kitchen or living room! Sometimes less is more and knocking down some walls or installing built in shelves can create a look that is organized an open.

We are excited for the New Year and all of the opportunities to work with our customers in creating their dream home. Whether you want an improved kitchen or a modern bathroom, we can assist in turning your dream home into a reality!