Looking to make an improvement to your home this summer but not sure where to begin? Summer is the perfect time to dive into home projects we put off all year. Here are a few of our recommended easy summer remodels you can get started on today!

Let the sun shine in!

Skylights are the easiest way to let natural light in your room in a way that windows can’t. Letting the sun shine through the ceiling brightens up the room and makes each room feel more warm and natural. This is a remodel that can be done to multiple rooms like your kitchen, bathrooms and master. Or you can pick one and get started there. Working with a contractor like Alan, will make projects like this quick and painless!


Built-in BBQ

Jealous of all of your Facebook friend’s beautiful backyard party photos? How do their outdoor living spaces look like they are living the lifestyle of your favorite Hollywood celebrities? It’s because outdoor living space upgrades are more attainable than you think. Start with one element and build on that. We recommend starting with the built-in grilling area. Complete with the island, grill, stonework, refrigerator and wet bar. You will be so happy you upgraded your yard and before you know it you will be inviting over the whole neighborhood!


French Doors

This one is a quick and easy upgrade, with the longest lasting value. Imagine those double doors, custom designed, leading you and your guests out to your backyard! Or maybe you just have them opened up while you are cooking your summer meals to feel the breeze. Either way, this upgrade is a must. Talk to your contractor to see what style would work best in your home.

Summertime is here! Don’t wait on these remodel ideas. You will be so happy you made these upgrades this summer and each summer to come. Still not sure where to begin? Call Alan and he will give you a consultation to guide you in the right direction for your home!


The Art of the Master Bedroom Remodel

Oh, the master bedroom! It’s arguably the best place in your house. The space you go to for quiet, relaxation and overall comfort. It shouldn’t be overlooked! You rest your head here, organize your clothes, watch TV, read a book and unwind at the end of the day. Let this room reflect all of those things and your personality. Let’s talk about a few master bedroom remodel ideas to make your space truly reflect your lifestyle.

The Sitting Area

If your master has the space, or is being remodeled to allow the space, consider adding a quiet sitting area. This area can be used to read or watch TV, but it should be separate from where you sleep. We love the look of luxury sitting and even window benches! It’s truly up to your taste and style! Allowing a space in your master bedroom for this will create a nice flow and truly open up your favorite room in the house.


Organized Space is a Comforting Place

Master bedroom closets, is there anything better? Consider adding a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ closets. This not only keeps your space organized but keeps the relationship a happier one! Looking to only include one closet in your master remodel? We’ve got the perfect solution! The master dressing room. This is a space where you can organize all of your belongings and have an area to get ready in peace every morning. For families with young children, this is a luxury not to be overlooked!


The Luxury Bathroom

Your master bathroom should be a place you get to escape to! Think about what the ultimate luxury would be for you. Is it the double-headed rain shower? Maybe the deep, jacuzzi tub? Are you more of a heated tile kind of person? All of these luxury items can be yours in your next master bath remodel. Talk to your contractor and get their advice on which is one you can afford and will likely enjoy the most.

Remember, master bedroom remodels are an investment in your home and your everyday life. You spend more time in these rooms then you realize, so the area surrounding you should be one you cherish. Work with a contractor you trust, like Alan with Arlington Custom Builders. He will listen to what you are looking for and make it a reality!


Top spa-like features that can increase resale value

Don’t have time to get away to the spa? No problem! Instead of spending money every week to escape for a few relaxing hours, invest that money into your home and reap the benefits. Turning your master bedroom or bathroom into a space that is warm and relaxing can be easier than you may have thought when you hire the right contractor. Check out these improvements that leave a lasting impression on homeowners and potential buyers.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is often the first room that comes to mind when building a luxurious space to unwind in. There are so many options to remodel like the counter space with sinks, shower and bathtubs. Hiring a contractor like Alan, allows you to think outside of the box on the functionality of the bathtub and shower and how they work.

spa-like features

Master Bedroom

Soothing lighting, easy colors and open space, these are the basics in a spa-like master bedroom. Sometimes knocking down a wall opens up the room to give off a peaceful vibe. You could combine rooms to open up the path to the master bathroom. Think about built-in shelving to eliminate the need for clutter and does not take up space.

spa-like master bedroom

Living Room

Don’t forget about your living room! You can utilize this space to be inviting for your guests as well. Enjoy a relaxing weekend with drinks and comfort! Get creative with ceiling cut outs and large windows. This adds a dynamic look to the space.

spa-like living room

Creating a spa-like environment in your home can greatly increase its resale value. Have the added benefit of enjoying the space while you live there! It all starts with hiring the right contractor like Alan, with Arlington Custom Builders. Have a vision? He can make it come to life! Know you want a change but not sure where to start? He will guide you every step of the way ensuring you are 100% satisfied.

TRENDING NOW: Industrial Chic Kitchens


It’s the start of a new year, which kicks off a year of new trends! One that is gaining popularity are industrial chic kitchens. From exposed brick and repurposed furniture to industrial lighting, it’s not hard to see why this is a growing trend. Here are a few key elements we love about this look.

The whole kitchen doesn’t need to be surrounded with brick in order to be industrial chic. Simply having one accent wall with exposed brick will add that touch. The exposed brick adds warmth, style and will certainly be the element that makes your kitchen stand out.


You can get creative in the type of industrial looking kitchen you want. Think outside of the box when it comes to everyday things, like the kitchen sink! A larger metal sink can be a unique addition to your kitchen. Even metal shelving or a metal bar cart can do the trick. The sleek metal elements help tie in the overall industrial theme.


This is one of our favorites because it’s practical and unique. Wood beams on your kitchen ceiling add a beautiful, earthy tone that keeps your kitchen warm and inviting. You can also repurpose wood to create furniture, like the dining room table. This can be done with wood pallets or an old wood bookcase that has seen better days. Work with your contractor to find a new use for it. You will be surprised what a great piece of refinished wood will add to your kitchen.


Hanging lights in any kitchen are some of our favorite looks when it comes to finishing touches. It really adds to the feel of the whole room. There are so many beautiful options when working with lights in an industrial chic kitchen. Consider the old and unique edison bulb pendant lighting. We even suggest the hanging glass jar pendants which add the element of repurposing, while adding style.


Remember, industrial chic is all about showing your personality! So don’t be afraid to let your contractor know what is important to you and your family to best incorporate your style. Reasons like this are why it’s important to work with a contractor you trust. Alan, at Arlington Custom Builders, works with you to make sure all of your ideas are met. You can trust him to get the job done right!

Living Room Fireplaces That Stand Out


While the weather outside is cooler, there truly is no warmer spot in the house then by the fireplace. Many homes already have one and families spend quality time near it on cold evenings. The style of your fireplace can set the tone for the living room that it’s in. Sometimes remodeling the area surrounding your fireplace makes all of the difference and other times remodeling the fireplace itself is the key in making your living room feel brand new. Which is the right direction for your home? Let’s explore some of your options for living room fireplaces that stand out.

Don’t overlook the strong design of a good fireplace mantel. This not only sets the tone for the look of the fireplace, but it also brings the style of the whole living room together. There are many different mantels you can choose from. The image below displays the clean lines of the classic white fireplace mantel. This can compliment a clean and modern living room as well as a more traditional living room. Mantel’s like this do not limit your living room’s design style.


When you have a stone fireplace, it brings an earthy, warmth into your home. The look is timeless and comes in many variations based on the stone type you use. This can be used for a more traditional look or if you are just looking to add a more cozy feel to your living room. Stone is a newer take on the classic brick fireplace and we don’t think you can go wrong with this look!


For those of you who have a more modern home, this is the route for you! Your living room fireplace has to complement the look of the rest of your home. If your house currently has a modern, edgy, clean line look and feel, then take a look at more modern fireplaces. There are so many options, like the one below. You can even do a floating fireplace to keep all your house guests talking. Don’t be afraid to make your modern home even more cutting edge with a fireplace that ‘wows’!


Work with Alan, at Arlington Custom Builders, during your next living room remodel or custom build. Let him know your vision for the room itself and what kind of living room fireplace you imagine be the center of it all. Trusting his professional advice, he can help make your living room ideas come to life!

The Benefits of Building a Custom Home

benefits of building a custom home

Are you considering moving this year? While the housing market is hot, you may want to consider the option of building a custom home. Building a custom home has many long lasting advantages that some homeowners do not even realize. Often, homeowners are afraid that building a custom home will be too stressful and involve a lot of work! This is definitely not the case when working with Alan at Arlington Custom Builders. He makes sure that every project is an enjoyable one. Here are some top reasons you should build a custom home:

When building a custom home, you have the luxury of deciding where you want your home to be and the layout of the design. This gives you complete control on the amount of privacy you want. So many homes in Arizona are built on top of one another, leaving little privacy for you and your family. Owning a large lot isn’t the only way to ensure privacy. Even if you are constructing a home on a smaller piece of land, you can modify the design to guarantee your neighbors won’t be looking in your windows.

Of course, building a custom home comes with the responsibility of picking out everything! Your dreams become a reality right before your eyes by being involved in all aspects of design and construction. Have the added benefit of being able to use the latest technology to make your home more efficient and save you money in the long run. When working with your contractor, visualize the next 20 years and what your family will look like. This will help guide your vision and assist in you wanting to incorporate elements such as a detached apartment or large garage.

Building a custom home is a financial investment, however, you have the power to customize your utilities to save you money in the long run. With so many different options available of green energy products like flooring, electricity and appliances, you can create a home that will be energy efficient. For a complete list of green energy products, talk to your contractor to make sure you are incorporating as many as your budget can afford.

Call Alan today, with Arlington Custom Builders to see if building a custom home is the right option for you and your family!

5 Top Remodeling Trends in Arizona

The year 2015 may be coming to an end, but housing trends for 2016 are already being noted! Remodeling a bathroom or kitchen can seem intimidating and like a lot of work. That is why it is so important to hire the right contractor that can make the whole process not only pain free but fun! Check out remodeling trends that can take your home from drab to fab in a hurry.

Smart Storage
You can never have too much storage space in a home, especially when it comes to kitchens! Kitchens that take advantage of the vertical space for storage are a huge selling advantage for a home. This means built in cabinets! Unique furniture also does the trick for extra storage and can easily be incorporated into the kitchen layout.


Mixed Metals
Soft colors create a relaxing environment that is perfect for a bathroom or kitchen setting. Metals continue to be a popular choice in home remodels. Incorporating different metals with complimentary paint colors can create a timeless design. For example, a mixture of gold and bronze can play off the lighting and create a nice ambiance.

Top Remodeling Trends in Arizona

Having a relaxing home with technology influences continues to be on high demand. Today, there are so many different ways to modernize your bathroom to make it a more convenient space. Heated floors, automated toilets and touch screen finishes can all make your bathroom feel like a weekend at the spa!

Top bathroom remodeling tips in arizona

Feeling stuck on which direction to take your home remodel? That is okay! Working with a professional and experienced contractor like Alan, from Arlington Custom Builders, will lead you in the right direction. He works directly with his clients to ensure their remodeling project is a success!



Why You Should Consider Building a Mother-In-Law Suite

why-you-should-consider-a-mother-in-law-suiteAs people continue to live longer, it is becoming more common for families to come together to share a living space! Multigenerational housing has many benefits such as cheaper living, helping around the house and spending quality time with loved ones. Before you get scared of the idea of having your mother-in-law sharing your home with you, keep reading to see why building a mother-in-law suite is a win-win for everyone! Below are some different layouts that Arlington can build for you!

Room Conversion
This is often the simplest remodeling option for a mother-in-law suite. This will allow your relative to have his or her own enclosed space within the home. However, they will share the kitchen and bathroom with the rest of the house. It may be possible to remove some walls and combine two smaller rooms to make one larger more accommodating space. If the home has a basement or den, these spaces can also be converted to a special room for relatives.

Bedroom & Bathroom Additions
It may be necessary to add a bathroom or another bedroom to the home. When hiring the right contractor, like Alan, he will check building area codes and let you know what permits would be required. Remodeling an existing bathroom to be larger or adding a walk-in shower are additional solutions that can benefit the family. Even if your home is smaller, some minor functionality changes to the space can make a big impact on the level of comfort.

Freestanding Suite
If possible, a great long-term solution to multigenerational housing is building a freestanding suite, separate from the house. If you have a large amount of property, this is a great option! This guesthouse can include a bathroom, small kitchenette and even their own AC unit. This allows the relative the most amount of privacy with the convenience of still living with the family.

The added benefit to creating an additional living space in the home or on the property is that the space is a great selling piece when it comes time to sell your home! Call Alan today at Arlington Custom Builders to see what is possible for your home!

Countertops are the Centerpiece of Your Kitchen

They always say, ‘The kitchen is the centerpiece of your home!’. The important focal point of your kitchen that sets the tone for the overall style and design are your countertops! What are your options? Is granite always the best choice? All of these questions can be answered by your contractor, but here are a few styles to consider.

When it comes to countertops, granite is still number one! It holds up to almost any kitchen activity so it’s overall durability is what stands the test of time and gives it such a great reputation. You can also get granite countertops in many different colors and patterns. This is great for homeowners who are looking to achieve a specific style for their kitchen. Let’s not forget that granite countertops add value to your home in comparison to tile or laminate.


While granite is still the most popular, quartz countertops are not far behind. In fact, they are the more durable surface and nonporous. What this means for you is less upkeep and less time cleaning the surface. Who doesn’t love that? Have we mentioned that it is more cost efficient than granite? Next time you are considering new countertops, this may be the route you want to take!


Engineered Stone Countertops
If you are looking for a more modern, pop of color for your countertop, then this is a great option! Engineered stone countertops come in a variety of colors leaving you with many options to choose from. It’s also a high quality surface much like quartz and granite, offering a stain, heat and scratch resistant as well as protection from bacteria. We recommend considering this surface if you are looking for a bold statement in your kitchen.


There are many more countertop surfaces to consider in your home but these are a few that stand the test of time! For all of the hard work you do in your kitchen, make sure your countertops can keep up and still look spotless at the same time. If you aren’t sure which is the best for your home, call Alan at Arlington Custom Builders for a consultation!

Cozy Homes for our Furry Friends

There are several ways you can make your house a home but one way is often overlooked. Making a custom space for Fido! Dogs and cats are adored members of our families and we want the best for them. Here are a few ideas we have on how to do creative remodels so your furry family member can have their own space to call home.

The Multi-Purpose Pet Home
Let’s be honest, not every house has the extra space to dedicate a whole room to our beloved pets. That’s okay! With creative spaces like a laundry room that doubles as a pet home, you can have a functional space for both you and your pet. Your laundry has a clean area and the desired space you will need for it. In the same room the family pet will also have their own bed, food and wash space. This was space could be used to clean off dirty work boots and other household needs that a washing machine can’t handle. But how nice would it be for your dog/cat to not have to share your beautiful claw foot tub when it comes to bathtime!?

multi purpose

Built-in Dog House
During your next kitchen remodel, consider the dog! Talk to your contractor about leaving the bottom half of the pantry left without shelving and styling it in a way that will add to the kitchen. This space can be where the dog lays his head and cuddles with his favorite toys. As an added bonus, maybe use a nearby floor drawer to stow away his food. The added bonus; all of your guests will be talking about what a great addition this is to your kitchen remodel!

Hidden Kitty Space
Whether you are considering a kitchen, mudroom or laundry room remodel, think about a space for your cat! Kitty litter is not something you want out in the open, but it needs to be somewhere easily accessible for your loveable cat. There are so many ways to incorporate a central place for the kitty litter but this is one of our favorites! Why not incorporate a custom designed entry way for your cat, while hiding the kitty litter from plain site at the same time!? It’s an ‘awe-worthy’ addition to your space and eliminates any odors or view of the litter.

dual blog image

So the next time you are working on any addition, remodel or custom build to your home, remember to make a custom space for your pet because having cozy homes for our furry friends is important. Talk to Alan at Arlington Custom Builders about all of your ideas and get started on your pet’s new space.