3 Tips to Avoid Getting Burned in Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel ScottsdaleYour kitchen is an easy place to get burned when it comes to home remodel. Whether you paid an inferior contractor in advance of nightmare service or installed counter tops that fell to pieces in a matter of months, your kitchen can double as a little shop of horrors.

Everybody deserves a well-designed and fully functional kitchen. The only thing messy in your kitchen should be tonight’s dinner, not the kitchen itself. Here’s a handy little guide to help you avoid any culinary nightmares when it comes to redesigning this all-important room of the house.

Set a Budget

If you’re seriously considering remodeling your kitchen, it’s pretty clear you have some money to play around with – but how much? Are you designing the kitchen of your dreams or are you cutting down on unnecessary space? You’ll need to determine what your finances allow you to do before making the purchases.

It probably goes without saying, never spend more money than you can afford. While a kitchen redesign is a sound investment – think of how much time you’ll spend there, after all – it’s the type of thing that shouldn’t break the bank.

Ask Yourself the Important Questions

Your newly redesigned kitchen should be modeled after some important considerations. For instance, how many people are often cooking at the same time? What kind of foods do you typically create? How important is easy cleanup? Will you spring for any high-end model oven or dishwasher? Have a game plan before getting started.

Rely on Contractor Experience

Experience is everything when it comes to hiring someone to redesign your kitchen. Rely on word of mouth reviews from friends and online testimonials – never enter into this situation blind!

Arlington Custom Builders has operated in the Metro Phoenix area since 1985, providing some of the best contracting services in the valley for multiple decades. Our verified testimonials have helped inspire confidence in our new customers, affording them peace of mind.

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Scottsdale Kitchen Remodeling Dos & Don’ts

Scottsdale Kitchen Remodel

With so many homeowners around the area getting ready for the winter holidays, kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale, AZ is in full swing. However, for every positive remodeling idea comes a negative remodeling idea, which is why we’ve put together a list of Scottsdale kitchen remodeling dos and don’ts!


Make storage a priority: This is something many homeowners neglect when planning for their new kitchen. Your new kitchen can have some of the most modern design, but without the addition of proper storage, it’s just an open space with an oven and refrigerator! Make your life easier by extending your cabinets up to your ceiling, or by adding storage space to an island or oven area.

Keep it open: Another frequent error when remodeling a kitchen comes in the form of excess “stuff.” With too many additions, your kitchen can easily become cluttered. You want your kitchen remodel to open things up to allow for you, your family, and your guests to congregate and interact with each other without having to feel too stuffy. Allow your new kitchen to be inviting!

Invest in new appliances: If you’re prepared to spend the money for a quality kitchen remodel, you should be ready to invest in some new appliances. Sticking with your old machines might continue to make your kitchen look outdated, so go with some new, top-of-the-line products to really make your remodel pop.


Rush the planning process: Many homeowners think that remodeling their kitchen is a quick and easy process and make a plan without any real idea of what they’re expecting. It’s important to really take the time during the planning process of your new kitchen to ensure the highest quality outcome.

Stop being creative: Remodeling your kitchen should be fun! This is your chance to really make the most of a project you’ve been wanting to do for a while, so be creative, ask questions, and keep an open mind. One of the worst things you could do when remodeling your kitchen is be boring.

Pinch Pennies: A quality kitchen remodel (or any remodel for that matter) will cost money. It’s important to realize that you’re paying for quality services and products, especially when working with Arlington Custom Builders. If you want the best possible outcome for your new kitchen, you’re going to have to prepare yourself to spend the money.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of Scottsdale kitchen remodeling dos and don’ts! If you have more ideas to add to this list (good or bad), you can either leave a comment below, or tell us on our Facebook page! 

Best Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

Best Time to Remodel Your Kitchen, scottsdale kitchen remodel

After you’ve been living in your house for a few years, it might be time to start considering a remodel. Most people opt for a kitchen remodel before anything else, as that’s one of the most popular living spaces in the house. But when is the best time to remodel your kitchen? Below are some questions you should ask yourself to help determine if it’s the right time for your kitchen remodel.

Do I have the budget for a kitchen remodel?

First off, it’s important to make sure that you’re financially stable enough. A kitchen remodel is a big project, and price should never be underestimated. Whether you’re doing the remodel yourself or hiring a licensed contractor, having a budget planned out is the first and most important step.

Do I have the time for a kitchen remodel?

The next important question to ask yourself is if you have the time, right now, to get started with a kitchen remodel. Make sure you’ll be able to afford the time of construction that will be happening within your home. When working with a contractor, you can almost guarantee your project will be done in a timely fashion with little room for error.

What do I want my kitchen to look like?

Having a strong idea of what your new kitchen will look like is important not only for yourself, but for anyone working on the remodel. When you have a clear image that you can communicate to a contractor, you won’t have any surprises when the remodel is complete. Things like colors, textures, and patterns are all important aspects of how your new kitchen will look and operate.

Whether you decide to work alone or with Arlington Custom Builders, we have plenty of kitchen remodeling tips and ways to help you make your dream kitchen come to life.