Kid’s Room Redecorating Ideas

When home owners are getting ready for an all-house remodel, one of the rooms that always seems to get looked over is the kids’ room. What most home owners don’t realize is that this is a chance to have some fun during the remodel! While it’s important to take time with other areas of the home — places like the kitchen or bathroom — remodeling or redecorating a child’s room can be a fun and creative process.

To help with that process, we’ve come up with some of the coolest and most kid-friendly remodeling/redecorating ideas to help home owners make the most of their child’s rooms.


Any parent knows that children love to collect. From toys to crayons, electronics to musical instruments, kids love to have it all. One of the easiest ways to redecorate your child’s room or play area is by including additional storage space.

Whether you’re looking to purchase storage at a hobby store or add some through remodeling, shelving units or maybe a window seat with built-in drawers are great ideas for making the most of your child’s new room.

Loft beds

For parents with only one child, loft beds can be a great way to create additional space while still keeping a more mature feel. By putting a desk or work station under a loft bed, your child — or young adult — can have plenty of space for more activities. Loft beds can either be purchased or created within the home during a remodel.

Magnet/White Board Walls

Easy and practical, magnet walls and white board walls are great ways to allow your children to be creative without having to repaint your walls every week! One of the best parts about these walls is that you can install them yourself over the weekend.

What other ideas do you have for sprucing up your child’s room? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page! 

Remodeling Your Bedroom Closet

remodeling your bedroom closet, contractor scottsdale

At one point or another, everyone seems to make a mess of their bedroom closet. Even some of the biggest walk-in closets can get a little messy. Whether it’s too small or just completely unorganized, we’ve come up with some great ideas to help you make your bedroom closet perform the way it should.

Add a Mirror                             

Adding a mirror to the back of your closet will help create a sense of depth, making your closet feel bigger than it is. Adding a mirror to your bedroom closet also helps keep things organized easier as it makes items in your closet more visible.

Change the Door

Changing the door of your bedroom closet will help the overall appearance and will also serve as a new way to organize your clothes. With the right shape, you can actually start to hang items on the inside of the door on multiple levels. Changing the door of your bedroom closet can also help with the ventilation needed to help keep clothes safe from mold or mildew.

Add Custom Storage

One of the easiest and most productive ways to easily remodel your bedroom closet is by adding some custom storage units. Whether you install them yourself or hire a contractor, adding shelves items like shoes or hats and drawers for folded items to your bedroom closet will instantly improve the functionality and organization.

Add Lighting

Lights are an easy way to add depth and clarity to your potentially unorganized or bland bedroom closet. Installing a series of lights inside your closet will make a dramatic difference in the way you use your closet.

Whether you plan on remodeling your bedroom closet yourself or hiring a liscenesed contractor, Arlington Custom Builders can help! Give us a call today at (480) 998-9696 and see how we can make your bedroom closet remodeling dreams come true.