Summer of 2017 – Outdoor Living Trends

Arizona summers are hot, but the trends for this summer’s outdoor living are cool. When you are looking to relax in the shade this summer, do it in the latest and greatest outdoor living trends.

Bold, Cool & Bright

This is one of the hottest styles this summer. You can bring out cool and bright colors in versatile outdoor rugs. They make outdoor living really pop. We also love patterned pillows with bold prints. Either way, you can make your outdoor living set reflect your personal style.



Mix & Match

You may be seeing this a lot with indoor furniture styles but it is gaining popularity outdoors as well. The options are endless when it comes to mixing and matching styles with your outdoor set. It can be different style furniture or even mixing prints with cushions and pillows. Nothing needs to match perfectly. Iit actually makes more of a statement about your own style when you mix it up.

Bring Indoor Living, Outdoors


The comfort of living is no longer just for the indoors. Indoor/outdoor rugs and comfortable couches are perfect for enjoying beautiful evenings outside. Want to make it even cozier? Mount a flat screen TV to an outdoor wall and really enjoy relaxing moments outside!

When in doubt, work with a contractor your trust to make your outdoor living dreams come true. Arlington Custom Builders collaborate with a top of the line interior designer who will customize your backyard into the most livable space that reflect your unique style.

Best of Remodeling Time Lapses

Remodeling a space in your home can seem like a lengthy endeavor. Once the remodel is complete, it can be easy to forget what that space used to look like! That is why we like to capture some of our most unique remodels on camera. Check out the best of our remodel time lapses to get a glimpse in the day of a life at Arlington Custom Builders.

Time Lapse of Peoria Home Build Out

Ever curious what it looks like from start to finish to build a custom home? From laying the foundation to updating the landscaping check out this custom build we did for a client in Peoria, Arizona.


Residential Elevator

It’s not everyday we get to build an elevator in a client’s home! When given the chance we documented our steps so you can see the build from start to finish. Check out this luxury addition!


North Scottsdale Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house. We love the before and after of this recent time lapse. Watch to get inspired on your own kitchen remodel.


Spring is in the air which often means it’s out with the old and in with the new! While many families are focusing on spring cleaning, we are reflecting on some of our most recent remodels. This month we want to highlight some spectacular projects!

Making An Entrance


2This staircase makes a grand statement for all guests! The open rails give a great view and leaves the home feeling open and not closed in. Not only does it look breathtaking from the front, but the design of behind the stairs is unique and intriguing.

Deluxe Patio


Who wouldn’t want to unwind after a long day on this patio? The covered deck with fans ensures that guests will stay cool no matter what season. The best part we think, is the great views of the interior and pool.

Making a Splash


This is no ordinary pool! With the nearby cabana, it is ideal to take a dip to cool off or swim laps. Then enjoy relaxing in custom cabana.

Luxurious Office


Having a hard time staying productive at home? Not in this office! With the floor to ceiling wood interior, you won’t feel like you are working. The beautiful windows bring in lovely light.
This spring, while you are clearing out space keep us in mind! We can remodel your home into something brand new. Ready for your free consultation?



Turning Unused Space Into Beautiful Living Spaces

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When you have a growing family, it is natural to run out of space. Sometimes it can be frustrating to the point of considering moving just to gain more space. Moving isn’t always the answer. Sometimes, the answer is making a space, that already exists in your home, into a functional living space. Let’s explore some of the additional living space options you already have the space for.

Pool House
Some of you may have a pool house in your yard. Right now it is probably collecting dust and being used to store pool toys, yard tools and bikes. Don’t waste this great space on storage. It’s time for a remodel. Work with a trusted contractor, like Alan at Arlington, to help create a beautiful living space. This can be used as an entertaining space with a bar, flat screen TV and gaming furnishings. Which can be a great adult getaway. Or you can make this space into a guest house. The options are endless.


Detached Garage
Some models of homes have detached garages. If you are currently using this as storage space, and not the storage for your car, then it may be time for some spring cleaning. Clean out this space and remodel it to be a useful living space that is close to your home. These are great since they are closer to your home than a pool house. You can create a connecting structure so it is an extension of your home. Or you can design a beautiful stone pathway that visually connects this space to your home. It is amazing what furniture, paint and proper insulation can do to a space that was once only used for storage.


These are a couple of spaces that you can use to make your home a more functional living space. The added benefit of updating these spaces is the added value it adds to your home! These basic remodels make a world of difference and you can truly make them work to your lifestyle. Does this sound good but you aren’t sure where to start? Let us help you with a few ideas perfectly tailored to you! Call Alan today to get started.

Building A Dream Bathroom Within A Tract Home

Building A Dream Bathroom Within A Tract Home

Kitchen and bathroom remodels are the most popular home renovations because they both bring great value to a home. Sometimes, homeowners can’t envision how a
renovation to their master bathroom will work because the space seems very limited.
This is especially true in tract homes where the layout involves a tiny shower adjacent to
a small tub. Have you ever thought about joining the two to make one giant, luxury
shower? This is a trend we are seeing in 2017 that is leaving tract homeowners feeling
like they upgraded to a deluxe bathroom setting! If you find yourself in a similar situation
with your bathroom, check out these benefits of removing the shower/tub combo to build
one dream shower:
Relaxation Sitting
If the idea of removing the tub all together makes you feel weary, remember that your
shower can have a place for you to rest too! By building in custom seats like pictured
below, allows you to clean while relaxing.

Organized Space
Say goodbye to cluttered shampoo bottles and body wash. You can have built in
shelving that allows you to store your items neatly.


Dual Shower Heads
Like feeling surround by water? You have the option to have a rainfall shower head or
have dual shower heads so you are immersed in water.
Spacious Room
By having clear doors, the shower gives the illusion of a bigger space and making your
bathroom feel luxurious. Show off the beautiful tile and make your bathroom a
welcomed sanctuary.

Ready to upgrade your bathroom? Give Alan, with Arlington Custom Builders, a call.
Your dream bathroom awaits!

New Projects for the New Year


The New Year is a time for resolutions! A time to lose the extra holiday pounds, to get organized or even to break a bad habit. It’s also a great time to start cracking away at the home remodel wish list you keep adding too. What’s the one room that you have been eager to remodel? What style are you imagining it? Can you picture what it will look like next year during the holiday season? Let us help give you some great remodel ideas for your home in 2017!

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen
You are probably seeing these everywhere right? Every home remodeling show on TV features them and Pinterest is filled with beautiful photos giving you the greatest kitchen envy. What kind of updates can you make to your kitchen to achieve the farmhouse look? Start with the sink. Then, the countertops for a rustic, modern pop. Don’t overlook your options for cabinetry. You can go with rustic wood, colored, vintage woods and even age painted wood. Your options are endless.

Luxury Master Ensuite
You may already have a master ensuite but it lacks style and comfort. It serves it’s purpose but it isn’t pleasing to the eye. This is the perfect room to remodel that will make a difference in your everyday life. Think about the shower and bathtub that you would look forward to using daily. Are your feet constantly cold each morning in your current ensuite? A heated tile floor may be the perfect upgrade to your life. Don’t forget the bathroom storage! This is necessary and it doesn’t have to look dull. Storage keeps your space clean and organized, but it can also add a great style to that space.

Home Additions
The holidays may have been a great time to remind you of how much you need the extra space in your home. Whether that’s an in-law suite or an additional room that doubles as an office space you can retreat too. When people stay with you from out of town, nothing becomes more obvious than the lack of space. Think of all the ways you can use the extra space in your home and work with your contractor to make it a useful and comfortable space.

Don’t continue to put off your remodel wishlist in 2017, check a project off of your list. Call Alan at Arlington Custom Builders to talk about your remodel hopes and dreams today!

Top Kitchen Remodel Trends


top-kitchen-remodel-trendsThinking about remodeling your kitchen in 2017? You aren’t alone! Check out these top kitchen designs for inspiration. These trends are not only classy but also functional and sure to impress your guests. We specialize in working with you to ensure you get your dream kitchen!

Neutral Colors
It’s no surprise that gray, white and black continue to be the dominant color scheme in modern kitchens. This neutral palette is popular because it allows you to show off your personality with fun and colorful accessories.

Farmhouse Sink
These deep sinks are a timeless addition to your kitchen! Not only are they practical because they can hold a lot of dishes, they also add a sense of style. These sinks are easy to access and can add a pop of color to your kitchen.

Smart Storage
When remodeling a kitchen, it is important for the space to not only look good but to be purposeful! Adding cabinets under an island creates a whole section of space. Multi-tiered cabinets are also a popular way to add storage.

Technology Forward
Automation continues to be a smart addition to any kitchen remodel. From sensor-activated lights to hands free faucets, these technical add-ons can take your kitchen remodel to another level!

Glass, marble, tile and stone are all popular options for backsplashes in the kitchen. By extending the backsplash to the ceiling or to the cabinets will make your kitchen look custom!

If you are ready to dive into a kitchen remodel, make sure to partner with a contractor you can trust like Alan. You will receive top quality service and products. What kitchen trend are you most excited about?

3 Signs You Are Ready to Build a Custom Home


Deciding to build a custom home is often a well thought out decision and not one made on a whim! Whether you are actively saving to build your custom home or feel ready to take the plunge, it’s important to have realistic expectations about the process. Building a custom home is not for everyone. If you and your family can relate to these 3 signs, then you could be ready to partner with Arlington Custom Builders to build your custom home.

You need more space
Do you have a lot of out of town visitors that love to stay with you? Maybe
you have a special hobby or interest that needs special accommodations.
Building a custom home, allows you to create unique spaces that work
specifically for your family and needs. If you are able to look ahead and see
what spaces you will need, then building a custom home could be for you!

You prefer shiny and new (new home, new neighborhood)
If you are the type of personality that prefers to be first, then a custom home could be for you! Oftentimes, building a custom home means being the first home in a developing neighborhood. The advantage to this is you get to meet your neighbors as they come in, instead of being the new family on the block! You also prefer not living in a space that has been pre-owned. You appreciate a place with no history that allows you to make the first impressions.

You know what you want
If you have been called picky or a perfectionist then building a custom home
could be a great option for you. This is especially noticeable if you have gone
house shopping and can’t find a space that fits your requirements. Do you
find yourself late at night on Pinterest, saving different ideas for your ideal
home? When building a custom home, you have to be able to make decisions
on all aspects of design and layout.

Do you identify with any of the above? If yes, then you could be the ideal client for building a custom home! Working out a budget and saving is a crucial step before you can build your dream space. Reach out to us today to see how we can help make your dream home a reality.

Unique Room Additions


Do you have an empty nest? Or perhaps you have an extra room in your home that is currently being occupied by clutter. Time to dust off that extra space and make the most of your home. The possibilities are endless! Work with a general contractor like Alan to have a professional layout the options for your dream room.

The game room is always a winner with family and friends! If you have a larger space like a basement or loft, take advantage of the space by making it a hangout wonderland. You can add a stylish pool table and other games that join people together. If relaxing to a movie is more your style, try built in cabinets with theatre-like seating. What is great about a game room is it keeps all the fun and chaos contained in one space. This leaves the rest of your home clutter free!


Do you like to paint or do you have your own side business? Instead of working in the living room or another shared space, have a dedicated area where you can work on your hobby in peace! Have the freedom to layout the space that you can benefit the most from. The benefit of working with Arlington Custom Builders is we can help take your dreams and make them a reality!


As always, having an office or an extra space to do laundry are classic ways to utilize your extra room. Talk with your family to see what everyone would benefit most from. Then, when you are ready, reach out to a general contractor and designer to make sure you get the room you deserve!

3 Must-Haves For A Kitchen Remodel

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A kitchen remodel can be overwhelming with so many options. When working with an experienced contractor, you can rest assured that you are making the right choices for your lifestyle. Check out these 3 must-haves for every kitchen remodel.

Who wants to be competing for space in the kitchen? Having a open layout for your kitchen allows for easy movement while cooking. If you feel like with an open layout you will be missing out on storage space, consider a kitchen island with storage underneath. Having open space in the kitchen gives you the opportunity to evolve your kitchen as your lifestyle does! You can switch out the kitchen table and always add unique pieces.


Don’t overlook flooring when it comes to your kitchen remodel. Wood tile is all the rage these days and is the perfect option when it comes to giving your kitchen a modern feel. What we love about wood tile is, not only is it a timeless look, it is fairly easy to maintain! Unlike wood flooring, wood tile can get wet without having to risk damaging the floor. With so many color and sizing opportunities, wood tile is a great selection no matter what style you want for your kitchen remodel.


You can have the best layout, cabinets and countertops, but if you don’t have high-end appliances, those design elements mean nothing. Since the main purpose of the kitchen is for cooking, it makes sense to invest in top-notch appliances that not only function but have a great look. Don’t let your appliances be an eyesore! Invest in pieces that blend seamlessly with the kitchen, like the kitchen remodel at the top of the blog, and will stand the test of time. Stainless steel is always a safe choice that will update your kitchen.

A quality general contractor like Alan will be with you every step of the way in the kitchen remodel process. Make your dream kitchen a reality by focusing on the must-haves every modern kitchen should have!