Arizona Kitchen Remodels

Arizona kitchen remodels are the butter (in the bread and butter) of our business. We know that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so let us turn your outdated kitchen into a place the whole family (and friends) will gather and love for years to come. Minor (or major) kitchen remodels are great for resale value, but a functional, remodeled space can become the heart of the home.

Here’s what’s hot in Arizona kitchen remodels right now…

  • Quartz — it used to be marble that was so hot, but now engineered quartz has become the latest and greatest for kitchen countertops. It is by far more scratch and heat resistant than natural stone, and the options for color and texture are truly amazing these days. We see a lot of this in kitchen remodels in Phoenix because, by golly, it is dusty here and this is easy to clean!
  • LED lights – no more hot under-cabinets lights since LED lighting has come into the picture. This is particularly important in custom builds and kitchen remodels in Phoenix — during the summer the less heat the better!
  • Natural stone black splash — glass tile was all the rage there for a while, but we are seeing a trend back toward natural stone black splashes.
  • Lighted cabinets — lighted cabinets add a beautiful glow and accent light to any kitchen and we see this trend continuing far into the future.
  • Brushed brass — unpolished brass with a brushed look is an upcoming trend for kitchen features, including hardware, taps, range hoods and light fixtures.
  • Walk-in pantries —plenty of storage space is always high on the list of demands for a new build or a kitchen remodel, but walk-in pantries are becoming even more popular than cabinet space.
  • Black or gray and white — this contemporary choice of colors is becoming extremely popular.
  • Bold color — if you aren’t into black and white, bold color is becoming another choice for those with a more contemporary taste, especially bold colored cabinets (red, orange, yellow … you name it).
  • Industrial lighting — black steel, stainless steel, wire caging, copper or brass or industrial welds are becoming popular choices for lighting fixtures.
    Mobile islands – islands with industrial countertops that can be moved from place to place are coming into style and make kitchens even more functional.
  • Efficiency — cabinets with pullout shelves, lazy susans, easy close features — anything and everything to make your kitchen more efficient