Arizona Bathroom Remodels

Arizona bathroom remodels are the bread (in the bread and butter) of our business. We love taking a rundown old bathroom and turning into the relaxing spa retreat of your dreams. Not only are minor (or major) bathroom remodels great for resale value, the remodeled space will be a soothing retreat at the end of a hard day, or a great way to get you going in the morning.

Here’s what’s hot in Arizona bathroom remodels right now…

  • No curb showers — no trip or stumble hazards with this curb-less design
  • Heavy glass shower enclosures — these seamless shower enclosures are not only beautiful, but very functional
  • Multiple showers head with separate temperature control — a shower should make you feel like a million bucks when you step out and being able to adjust the temperature on all the devices in the shower is extremely popular right now
  • Feature floor tiles — unique feature floor tiles are becoming very popular. They add style without overwhelming the space or emptying your pocketbook.
  • Add natural elements — natural stone or ceramic tiles are a great way to add natural elements to a bathroom without making way for mold or mildew.
  • Vertical plant walls — vertical plant walls in the shower or behind the tub are a great way to make use of the extra moisture in the room an add an intriguing natural element. This kind lush tropical accent is particularly unique for a bathroom remodel in Phoenix, which sits in the middle of the Sonoran Desert.
  • Freestanding bathtubs — there are some gorgeous freestanding tubs on the market. The curve and depth of the tub can soften the square lines of a bathroom and soften the look.
  • Floating vanities — these sleek designs give a contemporary look to your design scheme.
  • Larger walking showers — bigger showers are in this year. Bigger showers are spaces for rejuvenation and wellness.
  • Green is in — more and more people are turning to reclaimed and upcycled materials and products for new builds and bathroom remodels.
  • Grout in design — more and more designers are using grout to show off the pattern of how the tiles are laid. White tiles with black grout is in, and geometric tiles with colored grout is growing in popularity.